Sites to view and read Kenyan Newspapers Online in Kenya

by Laura Wanjiru  - July 4, 2023

Sites to view and read Kenyan Newspapers Online in Kenya

News in Kenya are majorly conveyed in many forms by the media which can be either through print media in form of newspapers and magazines or by mass media which involves providing the news and information through Radio, Television and many more forms. Kenyans therefore dwell on the media to provide them with the news and updates occurring in their society. The people wait until the news are conveyed by this media houses.

Due to technology advancements, most people now are able to access the latest news and updates as they take place through the internet without having to wait for the media to convey the information. The internet has caused a revolution in the access of news where people can view various sites for the latest in any news from politics to sports and entertainment. The internet has made it possible for the people to even read the newspapers of the following day online even before they are released for sale.

Adults in Kenya especially in urban areas can therefore be able to read the news without having to buy every day’s newspapers as most of them do, but read these news online if they can access internet in their places of work or residence. The sites which can be used to read the newspapers online are popular are include: – one of the sites which people are able to read newspapers online and mostly, the most popular newspaper in Kenya: the Daily Nation. This site enable the users to view the e-paper of the Daily nation and can also jump to the pages they are interested in reading. Other than the Daily nation, this site also provide the viewing and reading of other Kenyan newspapers such as Daily Metro, Taifa Leo, The Citizen, The East African and Business Daily. this is another site also known as epapers hub which contains a collection of epapers published around the world on daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis in various languages. In this site, you can read news easily by just clicking the favorite epaper and you will get that day’s print replica. It offer newspapers from Kenya and also newspapers from other countries thereby presenting the opportunity to read news from other countries easily. is the site which display newspapers in a list which contains all the newspapers where the user choose their preferred newspapers to read from the list. This list has Kenyan newspapers as well as newspapers from outside Kenya. This website support the search function in which the user can search their preferred newspaper from different locations such as Africa, Asia/ Middle East, North America and other locations in the world. also offer newspapers online for people to read from the comfort of their homes or offices for free. This site groups newspapers in accordance with the country from which they are published and display them alphabetically. The user choose which newspaper they want to view and once they select it from the site, it is displayed from the first to the last page. Here the user will therefore read the newspaper with no constrains at all as they display the newspapers with large enough fonts for best visibility. is a purely Kenyan site belonging to the nation media which provide the softcopy of the printed Daily Nation paper which is released for sale to Kenyans. This site enable most users view the Daily nation with ease and conveniently without having to buy the printed form as they provide the full news as provided in the original paper. They also provide the updates of news happening during the day and which will probably be printed in the following day’s newspaper. This therefore is an advantage as the online users will have the information before they are even published in the newspapers.


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