Kenya five most paying careers

by Ekai Kaoo  - April 19, 2023

Jobs in Kenya are available for the right type of applicants that show high cases of competence and willing to work well with others. It is therefore important that competitive candidates check and be informed on the best paying careers in Kenya before sending their applications. The following are the most competitive careers for Kenyans

Financial Experts

The parties are responsible for ensuring that a country maintains the revenue it gets in a more efficient manner or way. They play a leading role in signing big contracts with other country’s agencies in high attempts to try sourcing their companies. Such groups include accountants for various banks and also actuaries. The field is highly rewarding when it comes to financial matters.

Professional Doctors

People in this particular field are always assured of a job upon completion of their study and further goes ahead to pay them well. However, the profession has long working hours but still crucial to the life of experts.


The field has the richest people in Kenya. The field is now diverse as individuals can venture into careers such as being political analysts, advisors, think tanks and consultants. Any Kenyan above the age of 18 can join politics and try to seek the various chances that arise from it. Such careers are more important especially for people that have good leadership qualities and can be influential.

Company Marketers

They are responsible for creating and spreading more awareness about a particular type of product that a certain type of company deals with. Many companies in Kenya perform well due to having good reliable marketers that make them known to customers who need their products.

Radio Presenters

The profession pays well a good example being citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua. People that have good looks and better voices can apply them in the field of journalism to make sure that they get maximum use of their God given talents and abilities. Journalism is marketable in Kenya especially by the growing trend in the number of vernacular stations.


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