Certified Companies that offer best Company Registration services in Kenya

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - June 8, 2023

In Kenya, businesses in form of companies are been set up every day. The businesses are set up to offer different services under the different areas of specialization to contribute to development of the economy. These companies for their complete operation require that they undergo different procedures in their development but the most important is registration of their operation or provision of the services. Registration therefore require some documents and requirements for its success which may include the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN, the company official name and certificates and permits for carrying out their intended operations.

Company registration require a service providers which are other companies which ease this process ensure that the business and companies are registered successfully and within a short period of time. In these companies offering the registration services, they host the best professional and technician which ensure the registration is safe and efficient. The best companies in Kenya for this services include;

Biz Brokers Kenya

This is one of the best that ensure that the companies’ registration process is fast and success through a set of simplified procedures. They also offer online registration of the businesses and companies which require the incorporation, PIN and PIN and VAT and additional the company seal and the rubber stamp. This company being a consultancy firm have extensive experience in business registration and a one stop shop for other business related services such as sale of business, business start-up as well as licensing the businesses.

East Africa Business Consultants

This is a firm which provide business solutions to the businesspeople and entrepreneurs and ensure that they start the best business that they have experience in. they partner with clients to help the businesspeople to reach greater heights. They also provide unrivaled and customized and practical approach to their clients who want to register their business they recently set-up. They also offer other business solution by providing the best marketing strategy of the businesses as well as offer advice on how to own a company and operate it best.

Healy Consultants

This is an experienced firm in the area of business registration and licensing. It has provide these services to their clients over the years and has ensured their customers are satisfied with their services. This firm is a services provider of these services two both local and international companies therefore they are termed as one of the Kenyan companies with a broad service coverage.

Capita Registrars

They take step-by-step procedure is ensuring that the company registration is successfully and fast with all legal procedures. For the first step, they search for a name that suits the company, then use a lawyer to draft a memorandum of articles which will set out the objects of the company and then payment of the stamp duty should be conducted after the articles are written. All this certificates are then forwarded to this firm where the certificate of registration would be issued. They also ensure that they provide the customers with other business-related services licensing of the business services as well as permits for the operations.









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