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The Big Five Animals in Kenya


The big five are recognized as the most dangerous animals in planet. They include the lion, rhino, leopard, elephant and buffalo.

The Lion

Lions weigh about 225kg and considered the most dangerous of the five animals. There hunting skills are extraordinary as well as their courage to approach a bigger prey without fe  Continue reading ...

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How to register for M-KESHO Financial services and its Features in Kenya

Banking services in Kenya has been revolutionized by the use of modern technology that all the other sectors of economy are experiencing. Many banks have therefore incorporate the modern technology and used it to improve on their services quality. Many banks have introduced other banking services through technology and may include internet banking where the people can access their bank accounts and make any transaction from anywhere in the world through the internet, mobile banking services where people can access banking services through their mobile phones as well as has increased securit  Continue reading ...

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List Of Registered Insurance Companies in Kenya 2014

1. AAR Insurance Kenya Limited

P.O Box 41766

00100, NAIROBI


2. A P A Insurance Limited

P.O Box 30065

00100, NAIROBI


3. Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited

P.O Box 61599

00200, NAIROBI


4. Apollo Life Assurance Limited

P.O Box 30389

00100, NAIROBI


5. AIG Kenya Insurance Company Limited

P.O. Box 49460

00100, NAIROBI


6. British-American Insurance Company (Kenya) Limited

P.O Box 30375

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 The number of unemployed people in Kenya has currently risen due to various factors. These include;


The kind of education offered in Kenya is less of a sieve that eliminates those who fail exams. This education also seem to provide irrelevant skills that cannot be applied in some fields hence leaving most people jobless since there are no matching employment opportunities matching their skills.


Most young and energetic people tend to move to urban centers in search for jobs hence leading to  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Why Alliance High School Always Tops

The Alliance High School normally referred to as the academic giants have consistently been leading in the KCSE Examination. The very question most people would ask is why? Or how? Academic excellence is a highly valued achievement in the society. Any right minded and determined student would be curious to know how best to achieve it. The outstanding performances achieved by these students are stimulated by various factors. These include;


Self-discipline among the students propels them to work best hence the great performance. Discipline is about d  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Best Bookshop and stationary store in Kenya

Text book center has been known to satisfy book buyers over the years. It serves the entire Africa and sells almost all the books needed in the society. The book center was started by two Indians who partners to form the center. The headquarters of Textbook center is in Nairobi Kijabe Street. The bookshop sells both in wholesale and in retail. The vision of the bookshop is to be the leading suppliers of leisure and educational bookstore and suppliers of office support stationary. They have a mission of providing friendly and superior service and extensive solutions of the product in order t  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

High End Clubs In Thika Town: Exciting Nightlife Outside Nairobi

Thika town has risen to become one of Kenya\'s business frontiers. During the day, Thika is a bee hive of activities thanks to the business-minded Kenyans residing in this area. Besides Nairobi, Thikas has proven to be a town that caters for people\'s needs of social and economic significance. A walk around Thika town during the late hours of the day would reveal a sudden change of atmosphere. The town becomes replaces the clattering of metal sounds, human chattering and other irritating sounds with melodious tunes of great music from the town\'s classy entertainment clubs. Thursdays, Frida  Continue reading ...

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Dairy products and impact of Dairy Marketing in Kenya

The marketing of Dairy products is regulated by Dairy industry act under the law of Kenya; Kenya dairy board is responsible of organizing, regulating and developing production efficiency. The Board has powers of in the regulation of Dairy Marketing system. The Board neglected its duty and left it in the hands of Kenya cooperative creameries limited. Implementation of marketing liberalization has been of much benefit and it has facilitated automatic adjustments of price in order to respond to competition in the market, the market changes are brought about by supply and demand. Marketing libe  Continue reading ...

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Vehicle and Trailer Manufacturers in Kenya

Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers is a leading company in manufacturing heavy man trucks and tri axle trailers which are used foe ferrying large cargo. The trailers are manufactured in different forms for example Flatbed trailers and tri axle cargo trailers, the trailers are customized according to the need and the intended usage. The company also makes a container and flatbed fixing done in order to ferry liquids or gases. Body production is either done covered fully or with spaces, an additional canvas cover is used to cover the trailer in order to cover and prevent goods being ferried from win  Continue reading ...

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Extension services offered by Kenya coconut development authority

Kenya coconut development authority is based in the coastal region of Kenya. Their main mission is to provide a framework for enhanced services and earnings to customers through the development ,promotion and regulation of coconut industry in Kenya.

Extension services offered by KCDA

Training of nursery operators

in a bid to attain its core strategic objectives of enhancing coconut production the authority has over the last three years trained a total of 475 nursery operators across the major coconut cluster area in the coast. This activity is essential in addressing the   Continue reading ...