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How Laboratory Tests Are Done Before Blood Transfusion In Kenya

Kakamega provincial hospital is one of the hospitals at level six, and it acts as a referral to many District hospitals in the Western region. It offers majorly curative and rehabilitative health services to the people of Kakamega County and the surrounding counties such as Vihiga and Bungoma. Laboratory is one of the sections that offer services to the patients especially the diagnostic services and blood transfusion being one of them, there are particular procedures that are carried out before traffusion. These procedures include;

-ABO and RH Grouping

-Direct coombs testContinue reading ...

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Engineering Courses Offered In Kenyatta University, Kenya

Kenyatta University is one of the public universities in Kenya and it is based in Nairobi city (capital city of Kenya). It offers Engineering courses alongside other courses in the institution. Engineering is under the school of engineering and technology that was established in the year 2007 from school of pure and applied sciences. The mission of these courses is to develop manpower and offer consultancy in the fields of energy engineering, manufacturing engineering, water engineering, and construction management thus contributing to the development of the country and to realize the 2030   Continue reading ...

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How To Make Serious Cash From Rabbit Farming In Kenya

There is a new wave in Kenya – that of rabbit keeping. Rabbit keeping in Kenya is encouraged by companies such as the Rabbit Republic that are ready to make contracts with Kenya for rabbit farming. Rabbit breeds vary, although they have one thing in common – they are easy to keep and they quickly reproduce such that the money you use in your start-up capital can be recovered within three months to six months depending on the breed you keep. Kenyans are not accustomed to eating rabbit meat despite the numerous nutritional benefits that come with rabbit meat. But this is  Continue reading ...

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How Displaced Persons In Kenya Have Been Affected

Displaced persons are people who have been displaced from their communities or even countries. The displacement of people in Kenya was caused by a number of factors, the most common being armed conflict. Natural disasters, famine, political reasons and economic changes are some of the others. In Kenya, the majority of displaced people were displaced due to post election violence that broke in 2008, after the2007  general election. This violence in Kenya lead to some Kenyans\' displacement from their lands on political grounds.

The displaced persons in Kenya can be divided   Continue reading ...

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Tips On How To Get Best Paying Jobs In Kenya

When job hunting in Kenya, it has almost always about the amount of money you will be making. Who wants to be stuck in a dead beat job paying peanuts after struggling to work for 3-4 years in campus? One needs to know where the big bucks will come from, and the only way to get there is to do your market research on Kenyan job market thoroughly. Luckily I did some market research of my own and came up with some of the top paying jobs in Kenya.

The main areas that rake in cash in Kenya are the telecommunications sector, marketing and sales, banking, advertisement industries, IT and en  Continue reading ...

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How To Receive Money Through Money-Gram In Kenya

Money-gram is a service that is now available in Kenya. In the global world, we call it technology which has made what was seen to be almost impossible very possible. We can now share our fortune such as money from any corner of the world through money-gram. In Kenya, money-gram can be easily used to receive and send money. Money-gram makes it possible for a Kenyan to receive money from any section of the world. It especially promotes online businesses, where people in Kenya can trade with people far wide apart or just within Kenya, all they need is a  Continue reading ...

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How To Choose The Right Career In Kenya

Career choice in Kenya is a major predicament that everyone is faced with while beginning their career. No particular Kenyan really knows what to choose as the career to pursue directly. Especially in cases where you have to choose the course you want to take and study in higher institutions of learning. The choice also is done when it comes to choosing the job to do in Kenya. What if I do not excel in this more than I can in that other career? All these ‘what ifs’ are common to all of Kenyans. How do I choose a career to pursue? How will I know the career I choose is right?

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How To Use OLX In Kenya

OLX is a site on the internet where you can find everything you need in Kenya. OLX contains details which are uploaded by Kenyans about jobs in Kenya, appliances and items available for sale ranging from phones, seats, fridges, laptops among many others, services available in Kenya, community aspects such as volunteers, electronics, vehicles, classes in Kenya, real estate, hobbies, art and sports, fashion and beauty and many other things.

OLX in Kenya provides a solution to the complications involved in selling, buying trading, discussing, co-ordinating meetings and the other activi  Continue reading ...

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How Internship Programs Work In Kenya

Internship programs in Kenya are programs where students or graduates are engaged in through organizations or institutions where the supervisors in the organization scrutinize the progress of the students as they work. The graduates or students get a specified term of working with an organization in Kenya, mostly three months or more. The Kenyan students or graduates therefore have a chance to get involved in the practical aspects of the discipline they major in.

Internship programs in most of the institutions in Kenya usually have the aim of familiarizing the students or graduates   Continue reading ...

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How To Catch A Lying Partner In Kenya

Infidelity in Kenya\'s marriages today is one of the causes of most marital break ups. Both Kenyan men and women engage in this act in equal measure. HIV infections in Kenya have been attributed to cheating and more so amongst married couples. Cheating amongst dating people in Kenya is just as prevalent. There are a few eyebrow raisers that you should be keen on so as to know if there is a likelihood of a cheating partner.

The phone

This is one of the easiest ways to catch a cheating Kenyan partner. It is not advisable to go through your partners call logs and text message  Continue reading ...